Booking Magnet Academy: Inner Circle

I don’t know everything about you, but what I know for sure...  

It’s that you LOVE to ACT.  

You think about acting more than you care to admit.  

Even when you’ve tried to do something else with your life, the vision of you starring in film and television does not go away. If anything, the yearning tugs at you more and more as each day passes.  

Let’s keep it real with each other:  

You’re done with the broke actor struggle - working on non-paid indie projects, booking one-liners and small co-stars, and juggling a day job just to pay for acting class.. You’re ready to prove yourself to the industry and book larger roles on a consistent basis so you can support yourself through acting and feel confident about your place in the business.  

You’re done waiting by your cell phone praying that an audition or a booking comes in. You’re ready to feel like you are in control of your career instead of waiting to get discovered..  

You’re done spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated because you thought you had this all figured out. Inconsistent opportunities and lack of knowledge has been stalling things and you’re over it.  

Honestly, what you’re missing is someone you trust in your back pocket guiding you into your next level of success.  

You don’t need another course that only gives you half of the recipe to success. You want ALL of the ingredients and you want it from someone who has walked a mile in your shoes. Am I right?!  

So get ready. 

Introducing...The Inner Circle

The rumors are true. I’m opening up the doors to a brand new level of exclusive membership in the Booking Magnet Academy and I only have 20 spots available.  

Yup! You read that right.  

If you have been looking for a way to coach with me at a more intimate level, you will want to join my Booking Magnet Academy: Inner Circle.

My current Booking Magnet Academy members have been asking for this type of access to me for over a year. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to show up for you, and here it is.  

Here’s what you get inside of The Booking Magnet Academy: Inner Circle:  

  • 6 month membership to The Booking Magnet Academy.  
  • Six, 45-minute, private coaching sessions with me over the course of your six month membership. (*Can be used for audition coaching, marketing, name it.)  
  • Exclusive Inner Circle group Q&A call every month. You will be surrounded by go-getter actors who take risks, believe in themselves, and want YOU to succeed too.  
  • 2 Hot Seat Coaching Calls with current Booking Magnet Academy members.  
  • Unlimited access to the ENTIRE Booking Magnet Academy success vault which includes hours upon hours of education, videos and training. Unlike the regular membership level, your access won’t expire.  
  • A Monthly Masterclass on either Mindset, Acting Technique, Marketing or Auditioning Technique, complete with a challenge to push you outside your comfort zone.  
  •  FREE access to ALL of my digital courses: Book More TV, The Agent Attraction Method, Scene Study Bootcamp & The Breakout Star Academy!!! This alone is valued at over $400.
  • VIP access to virtual bootcamps and events.  
  • Accountability partner.  
  • Private Facebook group exclusively for Inner Circle members.  
  • Weekly Facebook office hours for your pressing questions between sessions.  

Whew! I’m tired from typing! LOL  

As you can see, my Inner Circle membership is jam packed with everything you need to get your bookings crack-a-lacking!  

There’s just one catch. This high intensity coaching is NOT for everyone.  

Admission to the Inner Circle is by application ONLY and requires a 6 month commitment.  


I’m looking for ACTORS who are...  

>> Business minded. >> Extremely motivated. >> On the fast track. >> Determined to work in film and network television. >> Trained or in the process of training to be a better actor. >> Open to creating their own content. >> Ready to put some skin in the game!  

I know what you’re probably thinking; “Ok, Christine. This sounds amazing. So what’s the investment?!”  

I’ve created THREE investment options to make this an easy decision for you:  

Pay in full - $2400 Pay once a month - $420 Pay every 2 weeks - $225  

I’m thrilled to offer this level of laser focused coaching to you.

Remember, I’m only working with 20 actors, so if you are ready to have me in your back pocket guiding you, don’t delay.  

Xo! Christine Horn | Founder of The Booking Magnet Academy  

Working With Christine Is Like...

“You think you know but you have no idea. Christine’s wisdom and straight forward tools had me floored. Sometimes you need a coach to take your talent to the next level and Christine has totally been that for me. No easy way out of training and pruning."

Charity Jordan

“I am so grateful for Christine Horn! After many years on the New York theater scene, she has educated me on ways to brand and market myself for TV and Film. Her methods are bold and fresh and she has challenged me to put myself 'out there' in new ways. I have begun to leverage genuine relationships I didn't even know I had to take my career to a whole new level. Friends in the industry who see the progress my career is making are now eager to work with Christine.”

Sophia Stephens

“This experience with Christine Horn has been Amazing. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. I've learned so much. The way she teaches makes you comfortable and wanting more. I love the fact that she's a straight shooter and takes her time to break down every lesson to where you understand clearly.”

TC Rose

Hey there! I'm Christine Horn.

I’m an award-winning Hollywood actress of 20+years and a Life & Career Coach for Actors. I am the founder of Hollywood Bound Actors and the Booking Magnet Academy, the #1 virtual training center for Actors who desire to master strategies to book starring roles in film and television shows on a consistent basis.  

In the last year I’ve helped over 900 actors learn how to take control of their career and turn themselves into master marketers and booking magnets.  

I’ve worked alongside a plethora of Hollywood A-Listers…Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin, Jon Voight, Tyler Perry, Shemar Moore and Allison Janney, just to name a few.  

I have starred in some of your favorite television shows, some of which include Timeless, American Crime Story, NCIS, Ray Donovan, Powerless, Good Girls, Legion, Greenleaf, The Originals, Complications, The Haves and the Have Not’s, Reckless, Rectify and Being Mary Jane.  

As a coach, my signature 4-step method has helped my clients increase their PINS/HOLDS/CALLBACKS/PRODUCER SESSIONS in less than 90 days.  

I am all about accelerated results and I am here to help you skip the line and save you from years of confusion. Let's work!

xo! -Christine