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New Online MasterClass Taught by Hollywood Actress, Christine Horn.

Will Your TV Acting Career Ever Take Off?

Or Will You Settle For Watching Other Actors "Make It" ?

Take Control Of Your Future With This Powerful, Eye-Opening MasterClass Created With YOU In Mind.

Have you ever wondered why you aren't booking more television acting jobs?

You’re excited when the audition comes in (if you even get one.) You start creating your character (but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right.) You’ve been working on your memorization. You’ve been sending in pretty decent self-tapes. You’ve picked out the perfect outfit and hairstyle for your character (you hope.)  

And then...CRICKETS.  


You didn't book the job (again) and to make it worse, you got NO feedback from casting.

If this sounds familiar, I have some good news and bad news for you.  

The bad news is this: if it seems like there’s something successful actors know that you don’’s true. THEY DO.  

But the good news is that there’s nothing holding you back from using the same methods that have put some of the top actors in the game where they are today.  

All you need is the right system. Once you know the system that working actors use to create their success, you too will become a booking magnet!  

It’s the same system that I used to go from ZERO television/film credits to now over 40+ and counting!  

But first, there’s something you need to understand...  

We both know that you have a gift.  

You are the perfect person for that leading role on that new television show.  

But, that’s only IF casting directors know about you.  

In our society, marketing has a bad rap.  

We complain about TV commercials trying to manipulate us and play on our emotions. We roll our eyes at cheesy billboards and toss junk mail in the trash without a second thought. And don’t let a telemarketer call us...we will LOSE IT!  

As an actor however, you have to start learning how to LOVE marketing yourself to industry power players. How else will they learn about your gifts?  

The truth is, casting directors are usually working within a very tight window to fill a large amount of roles.  

With little to no time to complete their casting process successfully, they are ONLY going to invite actors in to audition who they know, like and trust.  

You become THAT person by knowing how to navigate the realm of acting for television.  

Many actors who struggle to book more TV roles do so because they have not mastered this art.  

The core of acting is the same, but acting for television is vastly different than doing it for film, commercials or theatre.  

Christine Horn Learned How To Master Television Auditions The Hard Way – So You Don’t Have To!

This comprehensive training program is taught by Christine Horn. You may recognize her from some of your favorite TV shows and as the host of the hit online show #ActorsDailyBread.  

Over the years, she’s booked more than 40+ television/film credits and now, using her own real-world experiences, she's already helped hundreds of actors create high levels of success in their own careers.  

But Christine wasn’t always a booking magnet. In fact, for about 3 years, she struggled with booking ANY television roles - which was frustrating after coming off a successful run with the Broadway and National Touring companies of Disney’s “The Lion King.”  

There were many times Christine thought of throwing in the towel and walking away from her lifelong dream. There were many moments when it seemed like booking a game-changing role would never happen. She began to suffer from depression, extreme loneliness and health issues... and eventually filed bankruptcy due to the lulls in her career.  

But Christine knew she was meant for more. She realized that what she was doing was not working and change HAD to happen.  

She went on a quest for help. She read countless books on acting and marketing, hired coaches and business mentors and developed a strong spiritual practice.  

And the rest is history. Now, after years of trial and error, Christine has created a step-by-step, copy and paste system that literally anyone can use to create more bookings. When fully implemented, these powerful strategies can help any actor get to their next level. 

“I am so grateful for Christine Horn! After many years on the New York theater scene, she has educated me on ways to brand and market myself for TV and Film. Her methods are bold and fresh and she has challenged me to put myself 'out there' in new ways. I have begun to leverage genuine relationships I didn't even know I had to take my career to a whole new level. Friends in the industry who see the progress my career is making are now eager to work with Christine.” 

Sophia Stephens

“I want to thank you so much for all of the invaluable information you shared with us in your Book More TV masterclass! Because of all your generous tips you shared with us I immediately booked a role using everything you taught me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Thanks again!!” 

Clare Riley

“OMG!! I got to tell you.......Book More TV was an awesome training course! Christine covered so much in 3 hours and it was so worth the listen! I still replay it daily to catch stuff I may have missed the first time. I highly recommend any actor thats serious to subscribe to any of Christine's courses!!” 

Michael Gladden

“You think you know but you have no idea. Christine’s wisdom and straight forward tools had me floored. Sometimes you need a coach to take your talent to the next level and Christine has totally been that for me. No easy way out of training and pruning. I am so grateful for this masterclass. 

Charity Jordan


What if there was a way to maximize your bookings by truly understanding how television casting works?  

How much more confidence could you have if you had a step-by-step system to crush your auditions... in MONTHS instead of years?  

How much more TIME would you have if you could stop spinning in circles and get the clarity that you desire?  


I created the “BOOK MORE TV” online masterclass just for Y-O-U.

 And it just might be the BOOKING BLUEPRINT you have been searching for.

When you enroll in BOOK MORE TV, you will discover...

➡️ How television actually works.  

➡️ How to master auditioning for television.  

➡️ How to book more tv consistently.  

➡️ How to analyze television scripts.  

➡️ How to build your confidence.  

➡️ How to find your “type” for television.  

➡️ How to set goals to achieve your next booking. 

Here's What People Say About Christine and Book More TV

“I have a brand new perspective and outlook of what it REALLY takes to become a successful consistent working actress. When I used to peruse websites to educate myself on the business and to learn acting techniques there appeared to be some sort of "catch," "You can get my 5 day Intensive class just for $499, (really?)  

Since, Day 1, Christine has never taught a class, provided feedback, that she has, not only, come through for, but exceeded the expectations. 

The Book More TV Masterclass is a lifelong jewel. It's like having a mentor directly in front of you telling you everything you need to know to be successful. Christine, poured her soul into this "Book More TV" Mastermind class. 

My soul is rejoicing because she has blessed me by taking away some of the difficulties and challenges I would have definitely experienced had I not decided not to participate in what I now know as a "Masterpiece." 

Please, from a once frustrated, lost, didn't know which way to turn actor, to a now, well educated, super informed Booking Magnet Actress, do youself a favor and get this Masterpiece.” 

Stephanie P. Green

What You'll Get When You Enroll In Book More TV Today

Here's a quick taste of what's included in this program:

Meet Your Expert Host:

Christine Horn is an award-winning actress and singer who has performed in feature films, primetime television and on Broadway. She is a Life & Career Coach for Actors and founder of the hit show, #ActorsDailyBread and The Booking Magnet Academy.  

Christine’s experiences and accomplishments are diverse and vast giving her a special ability to relate to all audiences. With over 20 years of professional experience, Christine has graced stages across the U.S. with Disney’s “The Lion King” and has performed for President George W. Bush at the White House.  

Her extensive theatre background led her to the silver screen where she has appeared alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Chiwetel Ejiofor & Columbus Short to name a few.)  

She has also starred in a variety of television shows, some of which include American Crime Story, NCIS, Ray Donovan, Powerless, Good Girls, Legion, Greenleaf, The Originals, Complications, Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Not’s, Reckless, Rectify and Being Mary Jane.  

When she’s not performing, Christine writes self-help books and runs a successful career and life coaching business aimed to inspire actors and women to take action and fulfill their dreams.

Visit Christine on IMDB | View Her Demo Reels

Over the past year, Christine has guided hundreds of actors into booking starring roles on network and cable televisions shows, feature films and on a variety of web series’.  

What would it mean for YOUR career if she could show you the best and most efficient ways to build your confidence and breakthrough your “booking roadblocks.”  

This MasterClass is perfect for Actors who…  

>> Just can’t seem to land an audition for television shows in the first place! >> Have not booked their first co-star role. >> Want to draw interest from new television casting directors. >> Booked a co-star/guest-star role once, but have not been able to make it happen again. >> Feel like they’ve been stuck in a co-star rut, but don’t know how to get out of it. >> Want to feel more confident in their choices. >> Are trying to figure out their “type” and how they fit into television shows. >> Know they have the talent, but have yet to crack the “audition code” for television. >> Have a background in theatre and are having a hard time transitioning to television. >> Are often told that they are “TOO BIG” for television. >> Want to finally figure out how to nail their television auditions.  

Sound like you?  

If so, this materclass will put you on the path to unlocking the hidden secrets of how casting works for television.  

Are you ready for YOUR breakthrough?  

When You Enroll In "Book More TV" Today, You'll Receive...

6 step-by-step, in depth modules (3 hours), of pure confidence producing content that will have you giddy with excitement because you can taste your future success... and it's all personally taught by Christine Horn.

A 90-day Goal Getting Planner to keep your goals, and action steps front and center.  

A “Book More TV” Companion Workbook in printable PDF format to follow along in class and for jotting down all key points, biggest learnings and powerful aha moments.

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