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The Proven, Rinse & Repeat Method to Book More TV

You’re here because you’re DONE.

⚠️ You're done walking out of the room convinced you nailed your audition but then you don’t even get a callback. #WTF!!! 😡

⚠️ You're done letting your nerves take over as soon as it’s time to slate and then replaying how bad it went in your head for days on end.

⚠️ You're done second guessing every single choice you make in your scenes.

⚠️ You're done scrambling around at the last minute to prepare for a role that you know will probably just go to a “name.”

⚠️ You're done doubting your talent and worrying if your agent is going to drop you if you don’t book a gig soon. 

Read this carefully: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU‼️


Maybe your in-person auditions or your self-tape game is not on point. Or maybe you just crack under pressure once an audition arrives in your inbox. Perhaps you’re doing everything you know to do to prepare...memorizing lines, picking out the perfect outfit, creating a strong character...but you still doubt yourself as soon as you walk in the audition room. Then all the prep you did seems to go out the window and you wonder if you’re even cut out for this.

But hold up! I get that you may not even be trying to get your first co-star role. You might already have some cool credits on your resume, but you have absolutely NO idea what you did to land those opportunities. Left wondering if it was just "dumb luck" can mess with your confidence. It almost seems like it was easier BEFORE you booked a TV gig because no one expected anything from you. Not really. But now that you have, family and friends are clocking the calendar for when you will work again. That’s a lot of pressure.  


Hey, I’m CHRISTINE HORN, founder of Hollywood Bound Actors and creator of Book More TV.

I have 60 television and film credits on IMDb and 32 of them came in the past couple of years.

I know how frustrating it can be when you want nothing more than a successful television acting career but you’re spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do to make your dream become a reality.

Don’t worry. I got you. I’ve created a system to help you take the mystery out of how television works. I don’t want you to have to wing it like I did. I’ve taken my 20+ years of trial and error and designed this program to essentially help you skip the line.

If you’re an actor who wants to book more work on a consistent basis, I hope you’ll join me for a 5-week adventure in Book More TV. 

I'll pull back the curtain of my own career and tell you exactly what I did to earn more than six-figures as a working actor...with health insurance! LOL.  


I shared my secrets with Farah who just like you, felt uncertain about her acting career.

After hearing no, after no, after no...

Farah finally got her YES! 🙌



MODULE 1: The Truth About How TV Really Works

The beautiful thing about TV is that there is something for everyone! Casting has become more diverse than ever before. But if you don’t know how to “get in where you fit in” you could easily waste years knocking on the wrong doors. I’ll keep it 100 with you and break down how the casting process really works. That way you stop trying to reinvent the wheel with every audition. You will finally understand how this game is really played and your resume will grow because of it.

MODULE 2: The Right Way To Audition 

When it comes to acting for television, you can’t have a “one size fits all” approach. Different genres require a different type of performance. So, it’s imperative that you know what to do when your next audition comes in. I will teach you how to prepare for your next role based on the network, tone, pace and medium in which you’re working. We’ll cover procedurals, medical dramas, single-cam, multi-cam and kids shows so that you feel prepared no matter what curveball gets thrown your way. Knowing this stuff ahead of time will make you feel so much more confident with your audition prep.  

 MODULE 3: The Script Analysis Checklist

Creating memorable characters requires way more than just memorizing lines. Yet, a ton of actors are guilty of doing just that. Which explains why most actors don’t work. I will teach you the exact framework I use to analyze all of my scripts...whether they’re 2 pages or 20 pages. You’ll learn how to challenge yourself to ask powerful questions about your characters. You’ll reveal answers that will help you craft a performance that is uniquely your own. I will teach how to uncover your personal “rinse and repeat” process for analyzing scripts that feels good to you. That way, you will naturally build more confidence because you’ll have a system you can rely on. Plus you’ll book more work + turn your auditions around much more quickly.  


MODULE 4: Get Real About Your "Type."

You may think you’re the next Jason Momoa, but if Hollywood thinks you’re the next Aziz Ansari...we have a problem. 😂😂😂

Seriously, until you get real about your “type” you will stay frustrated because you won’t book as often as you know you should. I will teach you how to use crucial information that’s at your fingertips to reveal exactly how Hollywood sees you. Stop being something that you’re not. Once you get clear about what you offer the television industry, you can become the go-to person for your niche.  

MODULE 5: Discover Your Blindspot 

You might be thinking…  

What am I doing wrong? I never get feedback! I have NO idea what’s wrong with my self tapes!  

Don’t worry, I got you.  

During our last week together, you will have a chance to submit 2 self-taped auditions for a LIVE audit in our private facebook group. You’ll get notes from me on how you can make your performance better. I’ll even point out anything you may be doing in your tapes that could cause you NOT to book. Not only will you benefit from my expert eyes on your work, but you will learn so much from watching your peers.  

Transforming your self tapes is my superpower. Even my actor friends who work all the time tell me that I point out mistakes they weren’t even aware of.  


There Are Crucial Pillars You Must Master to Book More TV

I’ve packaged 5 of my favorite tools together as special bonuses to cover each one.

10 Hours of Q&A session replays

Exclusively for students to get clarity on the module from the previous week. Since you are enrolling in the REPLAY edition, you will not have LIVE Q&A time with me...BUT...you will get access to 5 weeks worth of the session recordings with previous students.  

I’m not going to just hand you a cookie cutter “how to book more work” program. Instead, I want to help you take what’s worked for me and make it your own. That way, you’ll develop confidence in your own signature process. These deep dive Q+A sessions are designed to help you uncover the missing link between you and real work. Plus, you’ll get to learn a ton just observing how I coach other actors through their obstacles.  

Self-Tape Mastery - 5 Part Series

Having talent is one thing, but understanding how to showcase it is a beast all on its own. This 5-part series is one of my most requested trainings! I teach you everything you need to know to deliver stellar self-tapes that look good. I reveal the exact equipment I’ve used to book dozens of roles. I also share on-camera tips and tricks to help take the confusion out of stage directions, dressing the part and mastering the camera.

5-Day Booking Magnet Challenge

The desire to book more work is one thing, but without a successful strategy to make that happen, you’re left repeating the same mistakes over and over again. That’s where the 5-Day Booking Magnet Challenge comes in. Inside, you will learn creative ways to set goals that actually mean something to you. You will uncover what’s been holding you back and how you can set clear intentions with focus, consistency and ease.

Get Booked! Playbook Video Series

In order to be a successful working actor you must learn the inner game of booking more work. This video series is a step-by-step game plan to help you face your fears and crush your auditions. This process is designed to help you learn what it takes to become a “Booking Magnet.

Audition Under Pressure Bootcamp

Whether you want to admit it or not, mindset is everything. Auditions can be stressful and oftentimes we sabotage ourselves in the process. That’s why I’ll share the Audition Under Pressure Bootcamp with you. It’s designed to uncover the disconnect that happens when stakes feel high.  

Whether you get a last minute audition, the sides change after you walk in the room, or your nerves just take over, you will work through exercises designed to shine a light on your audition process to determine what serves you and what doesn’t. I will share my strategies that will help you rethink the way you approach your auditions...especially when things don’t go as planned.




"Christine!!! I Booked It!!!"

I will never forget the day when my client Stephanie called me in tears of joy to give me the good news. She teased me about how much I "cracked the whip" during our coaching session for this audition. Boy, was it worth it! 🙌



💥Whether you are just trying to book your first co-star… 💥Attempting to stack up your next 10 co-stars... 💥Uplevel to guest star… 💥Reaching for that first series-regular…  

My Book More TV formula has helped not only myself, but so many actors that I've coached to create a booking process that they are confident in.  

It can help you too.


As a Reminder... 

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Book More TV

🎬 Lifetime Access to 5 Training Modules - to walk you through every step of the Book More TV System which includes:  

🎬 Module 1: The Truth About How TV Really Works - so you can “get in where you fit in.”  

🎬 Module 2: The Right Way to Audition - so you feel prepared no matter what type of TV audition comes your way.  

🎬 Module 3: The Script Analysis Checklist - so you can create compelling performances that standout. 

🎬 Module 4: Get Real About Your "Type” - so you can dominate in your zone of genius.  

🎬 Module 5: Discover Your Blindspot - so you can stop asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong?!”


Crucial Pillars to To BOOK MORE TV

💥 10 Hours of Q&A session recordings - hear what actors who took this course LIVE asked and get clarity on how to apply every step of this system to your unique career. 

💥 Self-Tape Mastery - 5 Part Series - to help take the mystery out of the technical aspects of prepping your auditions.  

💥 5-Day Booking Magnet Challenge - to give you creative ways to set goals that actually mean something to you.

💥 Get Booked! Playbook Video Series - so you can create your personal process to face your fears and crush your auditions.

💥 Audition Under Pressure Bootcamp - to help you uncover where the disconnect happens when you get auditions at the last minute or when you are under extreme stress. 



Questions Actors Ask Before Saying “YES!” to Book More TV...

Actually if you don’t have any television experience this is the best course to start out with. You won’t have to break any bad habits that develop when you don’t actually know what you’re doing! LOL. Each module will walk you through many different aspects of acting for the camera. You will be able to replay all of the video trainings and put what you learn into action. You can avoid the years of confusion so many actors face when just starting out. I will be able to guide you through this process so you don’t appear to be “green” at your first few auditions.

Absolutely not! The tips and tricks that I share with you will be useful to you at any stage of your career. In fact, it’s my most experienced clients who often get the most value because it’s harder to find your own blindsopts. Yes, you may not be new to acting, but mastering the medium of television is a different beast. Knowing how to really grab a role for yourself and make it memorable takes repetition. The way you show up for a co-star is totally different than how you should show up for a series regular role. I plan on covering all of that because I’ve had those experiences. Also, if your booking ratio is inconsistent, I guarantee that there is a missing link. My goal is to help you find it.

Having an agent won’t magically help you book more TV. An agent or manager will help to open doors for you and get you appointments. But what good is an audition with a major casting office when you’re not prepared? Without proper training, you run the risk of putting a bad taste in the mouths of major decision makers. The skills you will learn in Book More TV will always be with you, regardless of who represents you. The last thing you want to do is get signed by a talent agency only to get dropped 3 months later because you could not execute on camera.

You can spend as much time as you need watching each week’s training videos. That’s on you. But, know this... A new module will be made available to you every Monday for 5 weeks. Watch those when you feel like it. The LIVE Q&A sessions that are included in this program will be on Saturday mornings and last approximately 2 hours. You are not required to be on the entire time or at all for that matter. However, if I were YOU, I’d be there. These sessions will be your opportunity to get clarity on anything you’ve learned.

Well, just to be clear, this course is not designed to teach you how to act or teach you the fundamentals of acting. You absolutely should get in an in person class or an acting school for that. The promise of Book More TV is to provide techniques to successfully act for the CAMERA. And I get it. It seems weird to not be in a room with other actors. But honestly, taking this class online is very helpful because everything I teach you will be executed ON CAMERA. Then you can practice what I show you...on camera. Sometimes being in “the room” can distract you of your real job...working the camera and drawing the audience in by becoming great friends with the camera lens. I think you will be surprised at just how effective learning online can be. Not to mention, I’ve coached tons of actors right from my computer and they’ve been booking!

I know timing can be tricky. The holidays just passed and things may feel tight for you right now. The truth is, I don’t know when I will offer this class again. I’m a busy, working actress and my schedule changes at the drop of a dime. As of now, I have no plans to launch this course again anytime soon. But do you REALLY want to wait and hope I teach this again? How many gigs could you possibly book between now and...whenever? What I know for sure is this: we make time for what we really want and we find money for what we really want. What do YOU really want? ‘Cuz let’s get real. One union co-star (even at scale) will give you a return on your investment from this class.

Yes, you will get private attention in the group environment. But let’s be real, there is so much more to learn from observing others. Which is why all the coaching I’ll provide will be during our weekly meetings. And remember, during week 5, you get a chance to submit your self-tapes for me to review. I will be sure to give you thorough notes to help you crush your future auditions.

There’s absolutely no way that I can GUARANTEE that you will book a television gig after my class. Here’s why; all I can do is share the tips that have worked for me and helped me book 57 gigs so far. How YOU execute what I teach you is out of my control. And let’s be real...whether we book a gig or not is still out of our control. But what we CAN control is how we show up and how we prepare. Our job is to book the ROOM and I promise to give you the tools to do that. Now I have a question for you. Are YOU willing to give this course 100% of your energy so you can get the results you desire? If your answer is yes, then I want to invite you to trust this process. You have a gift that the world needs to see. What is that worth to you?

I've answered your questions and now it's time for you to make a decision.