Booking Magnet Academy

Actors! Get Ready to Land Your Next BIG TV Role and Become a Booking Magnet!

Master the Mindset, Acting Technique, Marketing and Auditioning Technique needed to book Network TV credits over, and over, and over again!


What’s Up, Actors!!! What is up?!  

Let’s keep it 100 for a minute. TV credits rule this town, and you have got to start booking them if you want to be taken seriously.  

The problem is, you are doing EVERYTHING and cannot figure out why you are not slammed with work for the upcoming pilot and episodic seasons. Am I right?!  

  • You don’t know why your agent is not bringing you more opportunities. 
  • You are going to scream if you hear “thank you” at the end of one more audition and don’t get a callback.  
  • You’re terrified that this is your last chance to make it. 
  • You’re kicking yourself for not listening to that burning in your belly sooner.  
  • You had NO CLUE that when you signed up to be an actor, you became a business owner with all the crazy that comes with it. You didn’t think acting was just about rocking that red carpet did you?!  
  • You low key hate promoting yourself.  
  • You can’t bring yourself to face your family and tell them that you signed up for another acting course that hasn’t brought you any closer to that Costar role you’ve been dreaming of. It’s not like you have the money to throw at courses that don’t get you anywhere. 
  • You wish someone would just be straight with you once and for all about what it takes to make it in Hollywood.  

The good news is you are NOT alone my friend.  

The best news is that there is a way to put a stop to this rinse and repeat cycle of frustration.  

How?! By becoming a Booking Magnet!

The Booking Magnet Academy Is YOUR answer if you are ready to book Network TV credits over, and over, and over again!

How will the Booking Magnet Academy get you on Network TV?

By teaching YOU how to Master your M.A.M.A.!  

Mindset: Auditioning, not booking, dealing with life, nerves and exhaustion can sometimes make you feel like you are about to lose it. You will learn how to deal with the ebbs and flows of the entertainment industry while living a balanced life. You will learn to silence that inner critic and push past those limiting beliefs that have held you back. The vibe you will put out there is one that says you are WORTH it, you DESERVE it, and you CAN make it happen!  

Acting Technique: To make it in this business, you MUST focus on your craft. You will gain the skills needed to make the Camera your BFF. You will improve your on-camera presence and technique, your self-tape, and demo reels. You will learn how to approach scripts so you can create multi-dimensional characters. All the marketing in the world can’t fix bad acting. Don’t be a bad actor.  

Marketing: You will learn to market yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. You will build genuine relationships with industry insiders. You will dig deep to discover your essence, your brand, your type, so you can teach casting directors how to cast you. You will gain the confidence to OWN your social media. You will learn how to stand out and get seen in ANY market, even when the competition is FIERCE.  

Audition Technique: Auditioning is a skill. You have to sharpen this skill if you are going to book more work. Don’t find out the hard way that the audition is NOT the time to practice your auditioning technique. Instead, hone this skill and practice your technique in a safe space. Learn everything from proper warmup routines, what to take to an audition, what NOT to do at an audition, to in-person vs. camera auditioning techniques. You will get to flex your auditioning muscles before the actual audition so that when the lights go up, you’re ready for action.  

After you Master your M.A.M.A., you will have the CONFIDENCE in yourself and your work to take it to the industry, instead of wishing, hoping and waiting for the industry to discover you.  

You will have the CONFIDENCE to create your own opportunities.  

You will have the CONFIDENCE to Book the Room, any Room.  


How is the Booking Magnet Academy different from the other courses you’ve taken? Simple. The answer is in the results.  

When you sign up for the Booking Magnet Academy, you will get:  

  • A mentor, a guide, a cheerleader and a friend to tell you, YES, YOU DESERVE THIS DREAM! YES, you need to KEEP GOING! YES, YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • A behind the scenes look at what it takes to sustain a life as a Working Hollywood Actor.  
  • The chance to see firsthand what it takes to transition from a part-time hobby actor to a full-time network television working actor.  
  • A breath of fresh air when you’re surrounded by others just like you.  
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community of supportive actors, learning and growing together, keeping it real, and holding one another accountable.  
  • A Monthly Masterclass on either Mindset, Acting Technique, Marketing or Auditioning Technique, complete with a challenge to push you outside your comfort zone.  
  • Tools, resources, and strategies so you can run your acting business like a BOSS as you stay organized, focused and committed to taking action.  
  • A Personal Development plan to keep you sharp because in this industry you need to bring your A-Game when it comes to your development. 
  • The opportunity for laser-focused, hot seat 1:1 coaching sessions with an award-winning, Hollywood insider. 
  • Hours upon hours of education, videos, and training.  

Now I know what you might be thinking:  

😟 I waited too long to get started in my acting career. No one is going to take me seriously. 😟 I don’t have an agent yet, I’m just getting started. 😟 I do have an agent, so why would I need a coach? 

😟I'm still non-union. I'm not even SAG Eligible. 😟 You don’t know what it’s like to be a broke, starving artist. I literally don’t have $27 a month. 😟 I don’t have time for a coaching program; I’m still working 9-5 and raising a family. 😟 I don’t live in a major market. 😟 I don’t have nice camera equipment to record professional self-tapes.  

First, it is NEVER too late to get started in your acting career!  

Whether you have an agent or not, you will learn how to cultivate the right type of relationship with your agent, so they bring you work on the regular. This program will help you create opportunities in ANY market, whether or not you have an agent.  

And let’s not pretend that you need any fancy equipment. As long as you have a cell-phone and are committed to taking action, you have all that you need.  

You will have access to a student portal, so you literally can complete your courses anytime, anywhere that you have internet access.  

Now Actors, I need you to brace yourself for a bit of tough love…  

If you can’t find the time or the money for this program, you need to look in the mirror and decide, is acting a hobby for you, or do you want to be a Working Hollywood Actor who books TV and Film over, and over, and over again?  

You need to be honest with yourself about where you are at to get where you want to go.  

This program will teach you the skills and techniques so you have the confidence to go out there and land your first big Network TV credit. Not only that, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to create opportunities for yourself and become a magnet for bookings.  


What If...  

  • The next time that phone rang, it was to BOOK YOU for a Network TV Credit?! 
  • You mastered your MINDSET and silenced your inner critic?! 
  • You learned the skills and gained the CONFIDENCE in how to approach your craft? 
  • You OWNED the Camera?!  
  • You had some next-level marketing skills to help you get SEEN and HEARD in ANY market, in a way that felt AUTHENTIC to you?!  
  • You had the ABILITY to perfect your auditioning technique in a safe space, before your actual audition?!  
  • You could live a BALANCED life as a working actor?! 
  • You could run your acting BUSINESS like a BOSS?!!
  • You had a rinse and repeat method so you could book Network TV credits over, and over, and over again?!  
Don’t miss out on the next pilot and episodic seasons! It’s time to see YOUR NAME in the credits!! It’s time for YOU to become a Booking Magnet!

About Your Coach: CHRISTINE HORN

Christine Horn is an award-winning actress and singer who has performed in feature films, primetime television and on Broadway.  

Inside her online show, Actors Daily Bread, Christine reveals how she cracked the code to become a working actor.  

She's also the founder of the Booking Magnet Academy: the #1 virtual training center for actors who want to book more work in film and television.  

Whether you saw her perform in the Lion King, at the White House, or in one of her 52 film/television appearances, Christine's resume speaks for itself.  

Christine believes that most actors play small. Their thoughts sabotage their success. And she's on a mission to help other actors master their mindset, acting, marketing and auditions. That way, they have the career they desire and deserve. 


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