Playing Small by Christine Horn


You’ve left another audition feeling defeated. You’re pissed because those damn nerves took over your body... again. The real you actually never stepped foot in that audition; your nervous representative did. You go home and wonder if that casting office will ever call you again. The next audition you get forces you to replay this scenario over and over again, and you wonder if you even have what it takes to become a working actor. Instead of learning from the experience, it now haunts you.  

Packed with insider secrets from a working, Hollywood actress, Playing Small: The Actor’s Guide To Becoming A Booking Magnet is an incredibly readable and rich tapestry for any actor, especially those pursuing a career in film and television. Life and Career Coach, Christine Horn, pulls back the curtain of her own successful career to teach us one simple, yet complicated lesson: your thoughts are sabotaging your career. And she is brave enough to allow the piece to unfold with a distinct straightforward simplicity that never loses its edgy intellect.  

This game-changing book will challenge you to push past the strategy you think you know and force you to identify the BIG fears that have held you back from running toward your dreams with your fullest potential. You will learn how to break through your psychological roadblocks that have kept you playing small and feeling stuck in a cycle of stinking thinking, useless comparison, procrastination, fear, shame, doubt, and worry.  

With hundreds of successful client stories under her belt, Christine teaches you how to find the fun in acting again and how to become a booking magnet.  


Praise for Playing Small

“Christine Horn’s book is absolutely spot-on. Her message of facing your fears, empowerment and self-love is essential to success in today’s industry. Please don’t settle for just reading this book. Do what it says, and see what a difference if will make in your acting career.”  


Award Winning Author of The Tao of Show Business

“I couldn’t put this page turner down. At the end, I thought, where was Christine when I was coming up? Desperate to get to the next level of my career…thinking there was something wrong with me because I kept hearing the word “No.” Retreating back to my shell to lick my wounds…nothing was wrong with me. I was just playing small! On behalf of all the actors getting ready to read this – THANK YOU CHRISTINE.” 


Emmy® Nominated Actor and Founder of Think Bigger Coaching

“Christine Horn is an extraordinary actress and a focused career coach for actors! This book displays her innovative approach to a career in entertainment and is pitch perfect for every actor of every age from the millennial to the empty nester. Don’t hesitate, read this book to be on your way to becoming a booking magnet!” 


Tony® Award nominated Actress and host of SayconTalks  

“I love how Christine’s book encourages your undefeatable spirit to recognize the power of being scared and doing it anyway. She lets you see that you are not alone in feeling small, to the point where it actually levels the playing field and becomes inconsequential. She gives you tools to learn to distance yourself from that “wicked little negative voice” in your head, and instead embarrass the wondrous possibilities of being the artist you were born to be.”  


Los Angeles Acting Coach and Owner of Auditioning by Heart Studio 

“Christine Horn offers a wealth of personal knowledge, insights + advice that actors at any level can use to become a booking magnet. If you want to get out of your head + unlock your potential, Christine will show you the way. Before you go to another audition, read this book. ” 


Accomplished Actress + Founder of  

About The Author  

Christine Horn is an award-winning actress and singer who has performed in feature films, primetime television and on Broadway.  

Inside her online show, Actors Daily Bread, Christine reveals how she cracked the code to become a working actor.  

She's also the founder of the Booking Magnet Academy: the #1 virtual training center for actors who want to book more work in film and television.  

Whether you saw her perform in the Lion King, at the White House, or in one of her 52 film/television appearances, Christine's resume speaks for itself.  

Christine believes that most actors play small. Their thoughts sabotage their success. And she's on a mission to help other actors master their mindset, acting, marketing and auditions. That way, they have the career they desire and deserve.  

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