Private Coaching with Christine Horn


No athlete would consider going to the Olympics without the support of a coach. The extra edge the coach provides makes all the difference. Why shouldn’t you have this same advantage in your own personal and professional life?

When you coach with me one-on-one, we will take a deep dive into the areas of your life and career where you'd like to see immediate growth.

Together, we'll design a blueprint to meet your specific needs. This level of coaching is intense, deeply personal and customized especially for YOU.

There's just one requirement: 



You are unique and so are your needs. We'll work together to find solutions to your problems. 

Some of my clients choose to focus on...


Perfect for brand new actors who want to figure out the first steps to take to launch their acting career. I'll be there to hold your hand along the way.


Acting is part of show "business." We can create your unique way to let industry insiders know you exist! New connections = more auditions & bookings!


Many actors find out the hard way that auditioning is a skill all on its own. Some of the best actors have a problem executing when it’s “go time.” You will walk away feeling unstoppable when you add my audition techniques to your arsenal! 


We will come up with your target list of potential agents/managers then craft a killer strategy to get you signed!


You can have some of the best ideas in the world, but if you have trouble managing your time, reaching your goals will be challenging. Allow me to help you find time to elevate your career while managing your busy life.


Many actors make huge mistakes when it comes to connecting with Casting Directors. I will teach you how to make genuine connections that leave a positive impression and gets you called back!

“Actors love to coach with me because I've been where they are and where they want to go."

-Christine Horn

Now Casting: Dream Clients

I'm looking for dream clients who are ready to invest in expert coaching so they can learn how to crush their auditions, book more television and film jobs, and network with industry power players in a truly genuine, authentic way. 

If you're that client, I will personally work with you one-on-one to help you reach that dream goal as long as you promise me 3 things:

1. You are 100% wiling to believe in yourself and believe in this process.

2. You are 100% open to getting pushed out of your comfort zone to do things differently.

3. You MUST keep your word and follow through with the plan we put in place. I've got your back...but you have to take action!

NOT Casting: Complainers / Lazy Actors

Getting to YOUR next level requires hard work, resilience and determination. Period. 

I can coach you until I'm blue in the face. But here's the truth...

Until you are ready to invest time, money and energy into having the life and career you've been dreaming of, nothing will change. #realtalk

90 Days of Laser Focus

Clients who work with me beyond a single session are always the ones who see the biggest shifts in their careers. When you become my Breakout Star Platinum coaching client, we'll spend 90 days together working on extremely specific goals. I'll hold your hand every step of the way to ensure that you get the encouraging push and accountability that is so crucial to your success.

What's It Like Getting Coached by Christine?



Four 1:1 Customized Coaching Sessions Every Month with Christine Horn We will meet online using Zoom video conferencing to have weekly 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions. During each session we will work toward the goals you set. I will help you craft a plan of action to achieve success! This is your time so we can work on anything you want.

Unlimited Email Access You will have unlimited access to me via email beween sessions to ask questions, get clarity or feedback on your marketing materials. There is never a reason to feel stuck when I'm on your team!  

Comprehensive “Booking Analysis.” Prior to our first coaching session, I will provide you with a comprehensive booking analysis. I'll review ALL of your current marketing materials (headshots, demo reels, resume, website, etc.) to see how they stand up to the current industry expectations. You'll be able to jump start your 90 days with feedback we as actors so rarely receive.  

Recorded Video Files of Your Private Sessions 24 hours after every coaching session, you will receive a recorded video file for your review. Feel free to watch your sessions over and over again for maximum results.

You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses! 

Free 3-Month Membership to my Get Booked! Mastermind Group for Actors ($60 Value) GBMFA is an online, ongoing, training ground for determined Actors who want to learn how to market their talents, hone their audition skills and improve their confidence so they can crush their auditions and book more work.  


WEEKLY TRAINING by Christine Horn Your GBMFA membership includes weekly trainings that are delivered every Sunday on topics that are happening NOW in your industry. There's a huge library of success trainings in your student portal right now! Your new GBMFA Membership gives you unlimited and immediate access to the entire success library filled with audio/video trainings and resources.  

PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY In addition to getting coached by Christine, you’ll be supported 24/7 in our community of actors from around the world who are on a similar mission. Our private Facebook group will be a place where you find lifelong friends who “get it” when it comes to pursuing growth and change - and can hold you accountable!  

MONTHLY LIVE Q&A & CONFERENCE CALL Though your weekly training will be in an online portal for easy access, as a member, you also get to participate in monthly live Q&A conference calls. You can ask questions ahead of time or join Christine Horn in real time to get feedback and ask questions about what you’ve learned or get clarity on wherever you may be stuck.  

SAVE + GROW Again, we respect your desire to work, play and grow with us, which is why we are also ensuring that you receive 15% off of all products, programs and services that Christine Horn offers.



"BOOK MORE TV" DIGITAL COURSE ($197 VALUE) Get access to Christine Horn’s signature course "Book More TV." This 3-hour, 6-module course is a dream come true for actors who want to book more speaking roles on television shows. If this sounds like you, then you NEED this class! You will learn Hollywood secrets on how the casting process works, how to break down scripts, how to find your "type,” how to audition like a pro and more!  

A Word From Christine...

“I know how scary it can be to say YES to yourself by investing in private coaching. I once felt stuck in my career until I sought out and hired my own set of mentors. They helped me navigate the next chapter of my life with a unique plan that fit ME and MY goals. I'm here to help you do the same thing. When you have skin in the game and you take will finally start to see your career take off!"